Sleepasil Boracay Promo!

Tell us about your "best night's sleep ever" and get a chance to win a free trip to Boracay!

Last submission of entries: September 15, 2011 (5pm, Manila time)
The winner will be chosen and announced on September 16, 2011

Promo Mechanics:

1. Tell us about your "best night's sleep ever" by posting your story on our wall
a. Limit your answer to 140 characters (spaces not counted); entries that exceed 140 characters will not be accepted
b. Only one entry per person/Facebook account would be accepted
c. Your story does not have to include any mention of Sleepasil in it; what’s important is that it really happened
d. Last submission of entries: September 15, 2011 (5pm, Manila time)

2. How the winner will be chosen:
a. The top five stories with the most number of "likes" will be selected
b. The story which we find the most interesting/amusing among the top 5 will be selected as the winner of the trip to Boracay (hotel booking, plane tickets, and pocket money for two included)
c. The other four non-winning entries will receive gift packs

3. Prize / Redemption Details:
a. 3D/2N stay at Residencia Boracay Resort (Superior room, good for two people, breakfast included); Round-trip Airfare (Manila-Caticlan-Manila) and pocket money for two persons
b. The prize can only be claimed until December 15, 2011
c. You have to inform us at least 4 weeks in advance when you would like to travel so we can make the necessary bookings


August 12, 2011 Weekly Giveaway List

August 12,2011

Gift Pack Winner

Chuu Escopete Senique

Sample Pack Winners

Mayet Pizarra

Alie Laquinon

Bos Jude

Roberto Paderes Rodil

Beca Soria

Maria Luz Evangelista

Rhod'z Garcia

Jesus Lopez

Wendelyn Paglinawan Genon

Rosario Cadiz Crisostomo

Gee-jean Paloma

Marz Emeneah Sabanal

Becbec Hernandez

Maricel Pascual Capiznon

Dhona Castro Boncay

Shiela Pusa

Rick Charles Agapito

Ineng Cortez

Christine Contreras

Alex Ae

Nathan Babasa

Lolit Escodilla Luya

Joselyn Josue

Lorlie Pagalunan

Einal Plateau

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August 5, 2011 Weekly Giveaway List

Gift Pack Winner

Niegel LaGuardia

Sample Pack Winners

Christian Jojo Vela Lisas

May Roxas Vicencio

Alacta Chloe

Rizza Joy Parica Canitan

Jen Asuncion

Peaches Gae Nadela Jerez

Ian Kit Gatab Bandala

Emerita Pante Hernaez

Henzon Nozneh

Andrea De Guzman

Joy Hagonoy

Jhoie Zara Shiratani

Antonia Pranillos-Garcia

Lilybeth Borromeo

Alice Jane Rigor

Girlie Sison

Rhayne Reburiano

Marilyn Juare

Danilo Catapang

Ailene Aaliyah Taganas

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July 29, 2011 Weekly Giveaway List

Gift Pack Winner

Frances Lopez Cabanatan

Sample Pack Winners

Aya Aligante

Sandra de Leon

Keyzie Mayor

Kringles Bernadeth

Mae Solaybar

Espie Cui

Jules Yen Chubaru

Kristoper Bantilan

Tina Fallarme

Irish Carandang Villena

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July 22, 2011 Weekly Giveaway List

Gift Pack Winner

Odette Trinidad

Sample Pack Winner

Flavel Miranda Queng

Karylle Malou Fabito

Madz Kulit

Charles A.S. Rafanan

Nylinah Rivera

Fely Jane

Hazel dela Victoria

Carlo Aguinaldo Ong Vidanes

Al Len

Carlito Herrera Jr.

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July 15, 2011 Weekly Giveaway List

Here is a list of the July 15, Weekly Giveaway Winners

Gift Pack
Kate Vergara

Sample Pack
Iccy Blessel Jaraula
Cielo San Pedro
Lance Kevin Sy Tan
Liza Soriano Agbo
Emmalyn Cacao Quitoriano

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Sleepasil Weekly Giveaway List (June 17-July 8)


July 8, 2011
Iya Nismal
Hanie Sadjail
Myta Evora
Shyrene Buquid
Zen Factor
Karl Pulumbarit

July 1, 2011
Virgie V. Gagarin
Shay Fontillas
Joanne Cazar Arevalo
Yeoj Trapa
Julie Gonzaga Balagot
Julie Santos

June 24, 2011
Missg Miniano
Rhubheybhie Aguilar
Jim Sarthou
Retchel Calixtro Depena
Mikee Calo
Kc Abalos

June 17, 2011
Petite Cherry Requinta
Aym Kissme
Pau Heartfilia
Reinal Louie Rivera Ramos


Sleepasil now available at all Mercury Drug Outlets!


Promo for free Sleepasil capsules extended until November 30, 2006

The promo for getting free Sleepasil Trial Packs has been extended to November 30, 2006.

To all those who have already submitted your entries, we'll be sending you your Trial Packs on or before November 30, 2006.

Organica Nutraceuticals Inc.


Tell us your story and we'll send you a free Sleepasil Trial Pack


If you've had or currently have sleeping problems, tell us about it and we'll send you a free Sleepasil Trial Pack (Metro Manila delivery only; Valid only until the 100th entry; Entries will only be accepted until Oct 31, 2006).

Just tell us the type of sleeping problem you have (see "Types of Sleeping Problems" below), the sleeping pills (or sleeping aids i.e. melatonin, valerian root, etc...) that you've tried, and how effective these were for you (See "Satisfaction Scale" below).

To maintain your anonymity, just post your first name and email address at the bottom of your entry, and we'll just contact you through email to get your address for delivery of the Sleepasil Trial Pack.

Sending an entry entitles you to a chance to win a free 2-night-stay in The Manor in Camp John Hay. The winner will be randomly selected from the submitted entries.


Organica Nutraceuticals Inc.


Types of Sleeping Problems:

1. Problems with staying and falling asleep
2. Problems with staying awake
3. Problems with adhering to a regular sleep schedule
4. Sleep disruptive behaviors

Satisfaction Scale:

5 - Very satisfied ("There was a significant improvement in my sleeping habits and I will DEFINITELY buy again if the need arises")

4 - Satisfied

3 - Fairly satisfied ("There was a small but noticeable improvement in my sleeping habits, and I may buy again if needed")

2 - Not satisfied

1 - Disappointed ("I didn't notice or feel any improvement at all in my sleeping habits; I will NEVER buy this product again")

Sample Entries:

"I've been having sleep problems for more than 3 years now. It's more of a Type 1 problem (based on the types identified) - I don't fall asleep easily. I've tried Stilnox (rating: 4) and Melatonin (rating: 3)."

- Jason,

"Sleeping problem: Type 1 and Type 2.
Sleeping pills/aids tried: Valerian Root (rating:3)
: Leizenzi (rating:3)"

- Anna,